October 29, 2022

by Mr. Josef Campos, Science Teacher

Tiong Se Academy annually celebrates Science Month every month of September. In the previous academic year, 2021 - 2022, we witnessed how Tiongseans can adapt to new learning modalities and participate in all online activities. But due to the decreasing number of cases and the increasing number of vaccinated individuals, the school started to offer a hyflex modality that caters to online and onsite students. 

This year the TSA Science Department prepared different online and onsite activities that allowed Tiongseans to exhibit their critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. These were the following activities, On the spot virtual poster-making contest, Science Logo Making Contest, Science Superhero, Science Video Experiment, #Quantites, #Stemtok, Science Community "SciComm" Series 2 #TECHTALK, and the Science Quiz Bee.

To kick off this month-long celebration, we witnessed how creative Tiongseians are with an On-the-Spot Virtual Poster-Making Contest. It was open to intermediate Levels, Grades 4 to 6, and  High school Levels, Grades 7 to 12. Among 7 participants in the Intermediate level, pupils from Grade 5 bagged the medals for this event. Mohammadsaleh Haji Salic's poster won this contest. At the same time, Caleb Liam Co and Erin Kirsten Chua were the runner-ups for the Intermediate level.

On the other hand, Hannah Grace Robles's artwork was recognized as the best among the high school-level participants. The Grade 12 STEM student grabbed the gold medal and won champion for this event. While Sandy Yan from Grade 8 and Matthew Liao from Grade 12, STEM were the runner-ups. 

Next in line was another activity that showcased Tiongsean's creativity using online applications in a Science Logo-making contest. This contest was open to high school students from Grade7 to Grade 12. The department gathered 15 entries from High School students. But only one stood out from the rest; it was Matthew Liao from Grade 12. 

In the Science Superhero Contest, pupils from kinder 2 showcased their Aghamazing powers to save the environment. The little superheroes showed their different powers, from saving water to recycling. Ayessa, a.k.a "The Superpower Girl," emerged as the champion, and her power to save the water impressed the Tiongsean Community. While Anica Joy S. Yu a.k.a "SAVE," and Hannah Sophia Gumahin a.k.a "Super Sophia," won as 2nd and 3rd placers, respectively. 

Experiments in science nurture curiosity and inquisitiveness. With this, Tiongseans share their scientific investigation through Science Video Experiments. Pupils from Grades 1, 2, and 3 exhibited their wit and competence in doing video experiments. Brielle Baclay, from Grade 1, grabbed the gold medal for her Aghamazing video experiment. Aside from Brielle, Deisy Kiaramel C. Carlos and Christian Gabrielle S.Yu are ranked 2nd and 3rd placers. Muhammad Esmael A. Candidato's video experiment stood out and won the Gold medal amongst Grade 2 pupils. Sofia Eliz Q.Tan ranks 2nd. And for Grade 3, Ersheybie Mae Uy's experiment won as the champion and received a Gold medal. 

Social media platforms like Tiktok is one of the most popular applications since the pandemic. But instead of singing or dancing, Tiongseans used this platform to spread awareness and scientific ideas online.  Mohammadsaleh Haji Salic from Grade 5, #Stemtok Video was awarded champion, while Sittie Ashya Ibrahim from Grade 6 ranked 2nd. 

For the High School Level, a Student from Grade 8, Cindy Miguel T. Eunice #Stemtok was proclaimed champion. 

A game called #Quantites challenges the Tiongseans' ability to estimate the quantity of the given substance or object in a fish bowl displayed in Telengtan hall. Among the students who gave their best, Hanyi Chen successfully estimated the number of ping pong balls in a fishbowl. While Matteo Liam Ire Infante, Gabriel Angelo Salazar, and  Deidrick Ardon Co almost got the exact quantity of the dishwashing liquid in a fishbowl. 

The most anticipated event in this month-long science month celebration was the Science Quiz bee. We witnessed how Tiongseans showcase their wit and critical thinking skills in answering questions. Danica Venice Biolangco from Grade 4 wins the Science Quiz bee for the Intermediate Level. While Aaron Joseph De Jesus from Grade 7 dominated the Science Quiz bee competition at the High school level.

The TSA Science Department empowered Tiongseans in scientific research and technological advancement. Scicom 2.0: Science Community Series 2. This two-part seminar enlightened the students' understanding of the Science Investigatory Project and Arduino.

Mr. Don King Evangelista shared his expertise about the Science Investigatory Project or S.I.P. This two-day onsite workshop discussed the fundamentals of scientific research. This workshop greatly boosts the students' ongoing research, especially students from Grade 12 STEM. This seminar by Mr. Evangelista ignites the curiosity of Tiongseans on conducting quality and meaningful research.

Aside from Mr. Evangelista, the science department conducted another workshop about Arduino. This device is essential for robotics and will enable students to explore robotics. With this, Mr. Morris C. Bana demonstrated his knowledge of Arduino. This webinar nurtures the students' curiosity and creativity in conceptualizing and programming robots. 

It was indeed a fun-filled, innovative, and Aghamazing Science Month for the Tiongseans. From creating posters, designing logos, filming video experiments, estimating quantities, and exploring the world of robotics and Scientific research, Science never fails to amaze and ignite the fire of Tiongseans little and future scientists. 

As we move forward from this new normal, adapting to new learning modalities, TSA Science Department will continue expanding its Horizons and deliver Aghamazing Science activities and events next school year as we celebrate another Science Month Celebration. See you next year!

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